Remote Furnace Monitoring System

Support No Operator On the Floor with a remote, documented and preset tour of your Electric Furnace.

There is no question that a steel furnace system or similar is a significant capital investment for a manufacturer. To that end, equipment should be monitored to keep it protected, functional and capable of ongoing production. Down time means lost production time which in turn means lost revenue, so maintenance matters. However, furnaces are also not the easiest equipment to evaluate without shutting down, letting things cool and then inspecting the internals. Again, the problem of cut production appears while maintenance has to be applied. Fortunately, remote furnace monitoring is possible, which allows plant managers and specialists to evaluate their furnace condition on an ongoing basis without costly shutdowns to production runs.

Why Consider a Remote Furnace Monitoring System?

First and most importantly, SAFETY! Remote monitoring keeps employees and maintenance staff far safer. It avoids the need for a “technician on the floor” aspect, which raises the risk of injury and harm near a hot furnace. Secondly, remote furnace monitoring systems are not a one size fits all; they can be customized to different furnace equipment needs, sizes and placement. Third, with both immediate environmental protection as well as significant camera clarity, the technology that is available today can provide very valuable insight to internal furnace conditions during operation, allowing managers to spot issues during the production process versus trying to make estimates on a cooled system after the fact.

The camera image quality in available systems is also a leap forward with the information it provides plant managers. Utilizing a 1080p image quality that can be zoomed to either 30x with an optical setup or 12x with a digital perspective, the optics possible are a game-changer. Add in both image stabilization as well as defog and anti-hazing features and extreme light or darkness adjustments, and plant managers are practically inside the furnace during operations without the obvious risk involved.

Various Applications are Possible

With the available options today, remote monitoring equipment and related systems can be applied in a variety of industrial settings. That includes refractories, burners as well as near water-cooled panels as well. What the observer then gains access to is an amazing detail view in the equipment as it is operating, clearly being able to see variations in the equipment as well as potential concern points that may be developing over time.

Housing designs can be easily customized for specific needs and placement as well. These containments can be fabricated for specific locations as well as extended durations of placement without needing constant maintenance. Because the fitting can be adjusted to the manufacturer’s system, this avoids the need to have to change a production flow set up to accommodate the monitoring, a cost avoidance and huge advantage for existing system owners. Additionally, the equipment protects itself as well; retractable functions come included that allows the monitoring sensor to retract into protective housing when not in use, avoiding concerns of accidental damage or over-exposure to harsh environments.

Expert Installation and System Design Possible

Connors Industrials regularly provides clients access to furnace monitoring system design and installation for a variety of applications. Whether the client needs thermal monitoring software upgrades or a full commercial furnace inspection system, Connors Industrials specialists are fully versed how to build customized systems for a variety of applied manufacturing situations. The benefits of continuous temperature monitoring can’t be understated, especially when protection of capital equipment investments is a must. Contact Connors Industrials to find out how a furnace monitoring system can be applied in your facility or plant. You’ll be amazed at what’s possible, and more importantly, the quality control insights possible while also keeping your personnel safe from exposure risks and similar.