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“Tom Connors #Kudos Keep up the great work! #GreatJob You and your staff set the bar high for the rest of the industry to follow. Connors understands service and puts their stamp on it, everyone else wishes they had a stamp!”

-A comment from a major refractory manager
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In addition to system design and installation, we include a one year warranty, and offer maintenance service contracts, VPN off-site monitoring, 24/7 technical service, on-site training, software updates and reporting options to insure your investment is reliable and adaptable over time.
Connors Industrials can provide a customized thermographic sensor solution or adapt an existing application to meet your specific needs.

The Mission of Connors Industrials Inc. is to:

Provide a safe and ethical workplace for our employees.  We will comply with safety and environmental polices of our customers and suppliers.

Connors Industrials is committed to providing world-class service to our supply company products and to continue developing and operating industry leading measurement sensor systems to our customers.  We recognize the steelmaker’s constant drive for metallurgical equilibrium as constrained by kinetics.  We will utilize our expertise to assist our customers achieving their goals for productivity, quality and efficiency.

We will provide our employees with the necessary training, tools and directions to achieve these tasks in a safe and professional manner.  We will promote the continuing education of our workforce and support industry-wide initiates and trade organizations which benefit the steel industry as a whole.  We will satisfy our employees’ goals and aspirations by operating a viable, profitable company that is a trusted and respected partner to our customers and our industry.

Our History

The late 1970s and early 1980s brought significant technological change to the primary metals industry.  Advancements in primary steelmaking operations (e.g., caster technology, secondary ladle processing and degasser operations) resulted in improved steel products and a challenge to its industry’s suppliers.  The performance of the steelmaking process products was challenged.
On February 1st 1981, Connors Industrials Inc. was incorporated.  Connors Industrials was founded on the principle: “Recognize the individual steel mill’s relentless drive toward metallurgical equilibrium as constrained by kinetics, provide customized products for individual steel mill applications and MEASURE their performance.”       
In the mid 1990s, Connors added infrared camera system to measure primary furnace tap processes. The performance of our anti-vortex device resulted in the development of our Thermal Slag Detection™ system.  Today, 50+ Connors Industrials’ Thermal Slag Detection™ systems (BOF, QBOP or Electrical Furnace Operations) are operational. 
In the late 1990s, a major steelmaker challenged Connors Industrials to develop an automated thermography system for primary vessels emphasizing safety and refractory management planning.  Our LadleVision® system has been such a success, that major steelmaking corporations have implemented it to monitor their ladle fleets.  The development of high speed thermography (ranging form 1-60 frames per second) resulted in an additional system called Torpedo Car Vision™.
In early 2000s, a system was developed to measure hot metal ladle surface cleanliness.  A critical and costly factor in basic oxygen steelmaking process is sulfur removal in hot metal.  Connors developed the Hot Metal Skim Vision™ system to provide consistent hot metal ladle cleanliness and yield improvement.
Recently, Connors Industrials has become a distributor for Valmet and FLIR Systems which has expanded inspection systems for difficult environments in steelmaking.  
Today, Connors has over 280 thermographic sensor solutions in operation.      

Service Offerings & Maintenance Options

Design Consulting & Project Plan

Our multi-disciplined team develops a comprehensive Project Plan and Budgetary Quote that outlines our recommended solution for your specific needs. This document includes our process, delivery schedule, camera and software specifics, licensing, maintenance and warranty information as well as the benefits of our recommended system. 

Engineering Consulting & Design

Mechanical Engineers, Thermographers and Computer Science Software Developers provide the expertise to adapt or develop an integrated thermographic sensor solution.  

Thermal Imaging Consulting & Design

Our Thermographers and Electrical Engineering Technologists have experience in selecting the appropriate infrared cameras, lens, filters and camera housing for your specific needs. 

Custom Housing Design & Fabrication

Connors Industrials specializes in the design and fabrication of the custom camera’s housings necessary for harsh environment applications.

Camera Interface Connection Consulting & Design

Our experience in Analog, USB, Camera Link, GIG E, Firewire, Ethernet, Fiber and Wireless provides you with options for your camera interface connections.

Software Development

We currently have a staff of software programmers that write proprietary software code for custom individual needs as part of the software development.  The Connors Industrials group develops software databases to facilitate the input/output of information to a PLC world customer data system.  Data can be displayed for the operator and reported to the manager, allowing for a process modification.  

SQL Database Development

With expertise in reporting services for customized reports, we provide your company with programming platforms that work with your existing IT systems.  

Data Analysis & Reporting

The Connors’ Industrials Group can develop a database and customize reports that meet your specific requirements.  We can also review key operating variable via our VPN Off-Site Monitoring system and provide your company with automated daily or monthly reports.

Alarm Systems

We develop alarm systems or output for connectivity based on your specifications.  These audio, visual, networked, distributed and email alerts can be immediately sent to operations and/or management for timely decision making.  

Installation, Integration & Commissioning

Our OSHA certified technicians and ISN Networld compliance standards provide installation supervision in addition to software integration and testing of all necessary system components. 


Connors Industrials provides classroom and/or on-site training to all necessary personnel.          


All of our systems come with a one year warranty that include equipment, installation and system functionality excluding damage due to explosion, fire, water or mobile equipment.


We support 24/7 access to our service technicians via phone and emergency on-site response to system problems.  Scheduled maintenance includes system functionality, coolant/purge gas quality, hardware cleaning, software and camera verification to OEM standards.

Existing Applications


Thermal Imaging System for Steel or Iron Ladles
View the LadleVision™ Application Story for more information.

Thermal Slag Detection™

Thermal Imaging System for Furnace Tapping Slag Detection.
View the Thermal Slag Detection Application Story for more information.

Skim Vision™

Thermal Imaging System for the Hot Metal Skimming Process.
View the Skim Vision Application Story for more information.

Torpedo Car Vision™

High Speed Thermal Imaging System for Torpedo Rail Cars and Furnaces.

Difficult Environment Inspection Systems

 Thermal Imaging Systems for Inspections within a confined space or environment exposed to Steam, Smoke, Dirt and/or Excessive Temperatures with Valmet Steel Application Camera system.

Snout Vision™

After 4-years of Research and Development as a joint effort between ArcelorMittal and Connors Industrials has resulted in a patent for The Method and Apparatus for Real Time Video Imaging of The Snout Interior on A Hot Dip Coating Line.

Vacuum Tank Degasser Vision™

An infrared camera/software to measure the ladle meniscus rate of rise and process factors.

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