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By Combining infrared cameras and customized hardware/software applications, Connors Industrials accurately measures thermographic temperatures and provides you with the images, data and analysis you need to increase safety, optimize processes, enhance product quality and predict maintenance.

Our History 
The late 1970s and early 1980s brought significant technological change to the primary metals industry.  Advancements in primary steelmaking operations (e.g., caster technology, secondary ladle processing and degasser operations) resulted in improved steel products and a challenge to its industry’s suppliers.  The performance of the steelmaking process products was challenged.

On February 1st 1981, Connors Industrials Inc. was incorporated.  Connors Industrials was founded on the principle: “Recognize the individual steel mill’s relentless drive toward metallurgical equilibrium as constrained by kinetics, provide customized products for individual steel mill applications and MEASURE their performance.”       
In the mid 1990s, Connors added infrared camera system to measure primary furnace tap processes. The performance of our anti-vortex device resulted in the development of our Thermal Slag Detection system.  Today, 47 Connors Industrials’ Thermal Slag Detection systems (BOF, QBOP or Electrical Furnace Operations) are operational. 
In the late 1990s, a major steelmaker challenged Connors Industrials to develop an automated thermography system for primary vessels emphasizing safety and refractory management planning.  Our LadleVision system has been such a success, that major steelmaking corporations have implemented it to monitor their ladle fleets.  The development of high speed thermography (ranging form 1-60 frames per second) resulted in an additional system called Torpedo Car Vision.
In early 2000s, a system was developed to measure hot metal ladle surface cleanliness.  A critical and costly factor in the basic oxygen steelmaking process is sulfur removal in hot metal.  Connors developed the Hot Metal Skim Vision system to provide consistent hot metal ladle cleanliness and yield improvement.
Recently, Connors Industrials has become a distributor for Valmet and FLIR Systems which has expanded inspection systems for difficult environments in steelmaking.  
Today, Connors has over 160 thermographic sensor solutions in operation.       

What Makes Connors a Success? 
Our people. Over 100 years of manufacturing experience combined with multiple academic disciplines (engineering, computer sciencemarketing and business) has allowed us to provide customized, turn key thermographic, radar and inspection monitoring systems to steel and major industrial manufacturing customers from around the world
What Makes Connors Unique? 
Our Service. We don’t just design a system install it, then walk away. We include a one year warranty, and offer maintenance service contracts, VPN off-site monitoring, 24/7 technical service, on-site training, software updates and reporting options to insure your investment is reliable and adaptable over time.  We’re very proud that every infrared camera system serviced since 1998 is steel in operation today. 

If you’re interested in one of our existing thermographic systems or a custom solution to a problem you’re having, send us an email or call us at (219) 838-7200.



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