CI Watchdog

Planned Maintenance is inherently less expensive and disruptive than Reactionary Maintenance. The CI Watchdog was designed to allow maintenance personnel unprecedented flexibility in their ability to use thermal imaging as a tool to plan maintenance activities. Connors Industrials has established a partnership with FLIR Systems and designed a proprietary software system built around the compact, inexpensive AX8 thermal imager.  The system can be permanently installed or utilized as a portable diagnostic tool.  The software provides many unique features for the user, such as:

  • Unprecedented affordability and adaptability in a thermal imaging system
  • Installs a preconfigured FTP server automatically
  • Contains a database which is able to centralize data from multiple cameras
  • Can automatically notify multiple users by email when an alarm is triggered
  • Can send print commands to network printers
  • Contains a NETWORK review package

The portable system is housed in heavy-duty Pelican Storm Case.  It can easily be transported to any location in your facility.  Within minutes, the user can set up several AX8 cameras, and using the magnetic base and swivel mounts obtain multiple views of critical equipment.  The 19” monitor housed in the case allows the operator to set regions of interest and make adjustments in real time.

Both the portable and fixed options make use of a fanless, military grade computer with a 3rd Gen Intel Core i7.  This allows the system to run even in the dustiest of environments.  The AX8 is encapsulated in an IP67 housing to ensure that it can withstand the elements.
Both systems are fully customizable, and allow plant personnel to set Regions of Interest and alarm levels which can trigger automated email messages to key personnel when triggered.  The system is fully accessible through your network.

Whether a fixed option mounted atop equipment, inside an electrical cabinet, on a crane, or a portable case being moved around your facility as needed, the CI Watchdog helps you “Keep an Eye on your most Critical Equipment.”

The CI Watch Dog can be coupled with A L E R T (Adaptable Leading Edge Reliability Technology), a cloud based Predictive Diagnostic tool developed by MCARTech.  The combined capabilities of CI Watchdog and A L E R T will provide knowledge based predictions of machinery and system performance with an appropriate and safe response guidance.  This will be achieved through long term analysis of historical trends of relevant signals captured from equipment and processes.  The objective is to help our clients prevent or mitigate the severe consequences of critical equipment failures.

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